10 Best Smart Home Devices 2019 [Buying Guide]

What is a smart home devices? That seemingly simple question has many different answers, depending on who you ask. In short, a “smart home” is a residence equipped with a number of devices that automate tasks normally handled by humans. Some are built into the structure itself and some added later, and homeowners operate them with voice commands or by artificial intelligence.
In this article, we will tell you why you may want to consider turning your own house into a smart home. This has the potential to make your home safer, more energy efficient, or just more entertaining to live in. We will also give you some quick examples of products that you can buy right now that can help you begin your journey from regular home to a smart home.

1-Logitech Harmony Elite

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Well, you are sitting at your home and you don’t want to do anything but control your home only by a small remote. And here comes the Logitech Hamony Elite with all the useful tricks. It doesn’t only control your TV or stereo. The pricey unit connects with the included Harmony Home Hub to control other Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, or infrared devices in your house.

2-SkyBell HD

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Well, now you’re home alone in your pajamas and your door rings. Who might be? Maybe, someone, you don’t want to see you without make-up and look awful? Now it’s time to use SkyBell HD. Don’t sound rude to them, now you can speak and see the other person with whoever is outside. This version delivers highly detailed video at 1080p with color night vision and captures several seconds of footage prior to a triggered event. It also integrates with numerous third-party smart home devices and comes with free cloud storage for recorded video, a rarity in this category.

3-  Ecobee4- Smart Heating and Cooling

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The Ecobee4 has everything we liked about its predecessor, the Ecobee3, such as a slick touchscreen interface and a remote sensor that helps ensure all the rooms of your house are getting heated or cooled properly. But the newest version also has Alexa built in, so you don’t need an Echo or an Echo Dot to control your other smart home devices, ask for the weather, or do anything else you can do with Amazon’s voice assistant.

4- Amazon Cloud Cam Security

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This is and advanced and interactive safety measure for your home. This works flawlessly with Amazon Key, one of their most beloved smart home devices on the market. They’re not just for internal use, either : link these up outside, and active high-quality night vision mode. Whether it’s a raccoon in the bushes, or something more heinous, you’ll have an eye in the sky to get it all down on camera. For the sake of your safety, and because it’s totally cool to voice activate in your home camera, this is the next evolution smart home technology.

5-Kwikset SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt

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When smart lock models first launched we were a bit uncertain about them.

Kwikset SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt comes with a lifetime warranty on all mechanics and a one-year warranty on all electronic components. Basically, if you run into just about any issues, they’ll be within the first few months of use and then you’ll be covered. This smart lock also features a backlit keypad so if you’re getting in late one night or when days shorten in winter , you’ll still be able to see what you’re doing. This is designed to fit into pre-existing door knob slots, so you might get okay with a quick installation procedure.

6-Ring Video Doorbell Pro

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A smart doorbell if you’d said this ten years ago what you’re talking about.You get seriously high-red video imagery and at that close range,it’s almost overkill. 1080p HD display will capture every facial feature from the USPS guy or whoever the hell is trying to break through your smart lock.It even comes equipped with infrared night vision so if it’s the wee hours of the night and your neighbors know you’re not home,you’ll be able to pin the bastard before they ever evenstep foot into your home.Last but not least you get a lifetime theft protection this thing.

7-Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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This smart detector lets you know when carbon monoxide levels appear and does perhaps the greatest thing ever,there’s no chirping involved , whatsoever.Your kids will never have that memory of dad cooking bacon and setting off all the smoke alarms in the house.It comes with battery self-check so you’ll never be left with a smart smoke detector that stops functioning without letting you know.If you’re still not fully sure how to automate your home with these smart home devices read our buying guide below circle back and start your smart home journey with the products you feel more comfortable with.

8-Amazon Echo Second Generation Smart Home Device

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This great product has won the top of our smart speaker buying guide,allowing you to essentially remote control your entire home from a single voice command.This system also outputs high-quality audio from the same number of internal speaker tweeters,keeping everything clear and ultra enjoyable.You have over five unique designs to choose from some of them including a little more plastic and a little less cloth.The Echo fit just about anywhere in your home and connect to Amazon Echo Dot to give you full vocal range throughout the entire home,however large it may be.

9-Philips Hue White 60W Light Bulb smart home device

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We all know that Philips has been a innovative brand and they made smart bulb ten times easier than we could have ever imagined.Open the box,screw into slot,download the Hue app to your Google Home or Amazon Echo.That’s it,you are ready to use it. You can call Alexa to turn the lights off,on or to set some mood lighting.Due to the obvious amazement , you’re not paying to hefty a price to gather this little ability.

10-Wink Hub 2

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Wink Hub 2 works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, but it’s a different twist on the standard central home hub. This isn’t a speaker, but it is the heart that all your smart home devices will link to, giving the ultimate control over everything in your house with a single app. You have a full year on the warranty for your any mishaps to occur, though we doubt you’ll need to use it. Link this up to your high-speed WI-FI, or take the traditional approach with an Ethernet cable for a structured setup. Whether it is Bluetooth, LE, ZigBee or whatever connection protocol you’re using, Wink Hub is able to understand it and connect flawlessly.


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